VFX and More


At Edgite, we also create videos with unique effects, taking all-round responsibility for the editing to meet the requirements.

We fuse 3D graphics with photographs into stunning photo compositions. Let us know your development thoughts and we help to bring your concepts to life by modeling them in 3D and integrating them in photos to convey your development ideas the best possible way to your clients.  

Data visualistion means great contribution when it comes to statistical back up of a purposed development or to complete and simplify the message of an analysis. Our product portfolio include heatmaps and infographicsfor the finest graphical representation of your data.Given the availability of the sourcedata, we can also create these on your requests. 

Of course, we are always delighted to take on any complex requests that are a mixture of all our products or even beyond those. Contact us, and we will do our best to work out first-rate solutions for your goals.