2D MAPS optimized for print

from USD 60


  • Non editable JPEG raster maps - as small illustrations
  • Edgite basemap style (similar to Google/Apple maps) by default
  • Unique style (matching your brand identity or book design) available for batch orders (25+)
  • Super fast turnaround (1 hour for a single, 20 minutes for any additional map) 

from USD 130


  • Clearly structured vector map suitable up to tabloid size to allow for quick edits on your end
  • Multiple style options by default, custom style by request
  • Layers contain 1-5 unique highlight and public map data and can be toggled off or adjusted easily
  • Fast turnaround (4 hour for a single map, 2 hours for any additional map of the same data set)

from USD 300


  • Layered vector map (in addition to a JPEG version) to allow for modification
  • Custom style by default (or any of the raw/simple styles for quicker turnaround)
  • Up to 25 manual highlights, additional data layers are subject to availability
  • 1 day turnaround by default, custom data collection time excluded


Animated 2D MAPS

Any vector map we produce can be converted into animation.Add movement to your presentation or spice up your video with infographic maps.